Technical Specifications

PA and sound system comprising
6x HK Audio Element Plus Active Bass Bins
2x HK Audio Element Active Bass Bins
2x HK Audio Element Passive Bass Bins
32x HK Audio Element E435 Mid Highs
6x HK Audio Element E85 Mid Highs
1x Yamaha CL5 Audio Mixer with 32-16 Breakout Box
2x Shure ULXD Dual System Beta58 (4 Cordless Mics)

Sound Basement
2x HK Audio Lucas Nano 600
1x HK Audio Sound Caddy

AV system
1x Vivitek D8800 projector with wide zoom lens (Main Hall)
1x Grandview motorised Projector screen (Main Hall)
1x Kramer 16 x 16 Modular Multiformat Digital Matrix
1x 42” Flat screen TV (The Underground)
1x 48” Flat Screen TV (The Underground)

Lighting system comprising
6x Chauvet Slim Bank Tri 18 LED Wide Area Wash Light
4x LED Par Can (24 x 1watt) UV
4x Stagg LED Wash 70w Moving Head
2x Geyser LED Smoke Machine 220V
2x Chauvet LED Impulse 648 Strobe Panel
1x Show Xpress 512 DMX Interface
4x Wireless DMX Transmitter/Recievers
2x Chauvet Optical Splitter

DJ and Live entertainment options
The Venue Avondale offers a comprehensive range of DJ equipment and professional sound equipment for live bands and entertainment. Additional equipment will be charged separately.

Our Location

The Venue Avondale
23 Kenny Rd, Avondale
Tel: +263-4-307081 /83 /86 /89