Conferencing & Functions

Function Capacities

The Venue Avondale offers a range of options in any combination of our four available spaces: the Main Auditorium, the Gallery, the Cocktail Bar and the Outdoor Terrace. The capacities given are estimates only and are dependent upon seating style.

Banquet-Main aduitorium

250 guests (combination of 8 and 10-seater rounds) variable depending on layout and inclusion of dance floor/stage.

With inclusion of the gallery space, numbers can be increased to 280 guests*

*stage dimensions can vary, standard size is 9m x 4m

Show - 330 guest plus 20 in the Gallery

Conference - 250 guest
School Room
150 guests
56 guests
400 guests in main auditorium plus 30 in the gallery, 50 in the bar 300 guests cocktail style with stage/dance floor
Half Moon
96 guests (12 x 8 seater rounds)

Floor Plans