In house Gear

PA and sound system comprising

  • 6x HK Audio Element Plus Active Bass Bins
  • 2x HK Audio Element Active Bass Bins
  • 2x HK Audio Element Passive Bass Bins
  • 32x HK Audio Element E435 Mid Highs
  • 6x HK Audio Element E85 Mid Highs
  • 1x Yamaha CL5 Audio Mixer with 32-16 Breakout Box
  • 2x Shure ULXD Dual System Beta58 (4 Cordless Mics)

Sound Basement

  • 2x HK Audio Lucas Nano 600
  • 1x HK Audio Sound Caddy

AV system

  • 1x Vivitek D8800 projector with wide zoom lens (Main Hall)
  • 1x Grandview motorised Projector screen (Main Hall)
  • 1x Kramer 16 x 16 Modular Multiformat Digital Matrix
  • 1x 42” Flat screen TV (The Underground)
  • 1x 48” Flat Screen TV (The Underground)

Lighting system comprising

  • 6x Chauvet Slim Bank Tri 18 LED Wide Area Wash Light
  • 4x LED Par Can (24 x 1watt) UV
  • 4x Stagg LED Wash 70w Moving Head
  • 2x Geyser LED Smoke Machine 220V
  • 2x Chauvet LED Impulse 648 Strobe Panel
  • 1x Show Xpress 512 DMX Interface
  • 4x Wireless DMX Transmitter/Recievers
  • 2x Chauvet Optical Splitter

DJ and Live entertainment options

The Venue Avondale offers a comprehensive range of DJ equipment and professional sound equipment for live bands and entertainment. Additional equipment will be charged separately.